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Faculty Expertise

Faculty at the Darla Moore School of Business are among the best in the world. Whether you are with a corporation seeking cutting-edge research to gain an advantage in the marketplace or a member of the media seeking valuable insight on current events, our faculty members are here to provide answers.

FACULTY Rankings

Journal of International Business Studies
The University of South Carolina's international business faculty has been rated #1 in research productivity by the Journal of International Business Studies.

International Business Review
Our faculty are ranked No. 1 of the top 50 U.S. universities and No. 2 of the top 50 universities worldwide in terms of the total number of research articles published.

In a study of American business schools by professors from the University of Georgia, University of Illinois, and Southern Methodist University, the Moore School ranked 30th nationally in terms of research productivity. USC ranked 2nd in insurance, international business, and real estate; 3rd in production and operations management; 12th in management information systems; 21st in marketing; and 26th in management.

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Africa (business conditions in): Robert J. Rolfe
Advertising: Satish Jayachandran
Analyst forecasts: Marcus L. Caylor
Asset pricing: Hong Yan
Auditing: Scott Jackson, Scott Vandervelde

Banking crises: Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Banking: Timothy W. Koch
Bond-market interest rates: Steven V. Mann
Bond valuation: Eric A. Powers
Brand strategy: Satish Jayachandran
Branding equity: Thomas J. Madden
Budget deficit: James P. Bradley Jr.
Capital markets: Hong Yan
Central Europe: Tatiana Kostova
China business issues: Chuck C.Y. Kwok
Competitiveness: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Consumer behavior: Alokparna "Sonia" Monga, Ashwani Monga
Consumer behavior (sociological aspects of): David K. Crockett
Consumer judgment and decision-making: Ashwani Monga
Consumer research: William O. Bearden

Consumption (social and cultural aspects): Randall L. Rose
Consumption (time-related): Ashwani Monga
Copyright infringement: William O. Bearden

Corporate debt policy: Eric A. Powers
Corporate finance: Gregory R. Niehaus, Eric A. Powers
Corporate governance: Marcus L. Caylor
Corporate tax policy: Richard White
Cross-border teams: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Cross-cultural interpersonal behavior: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Cross-cultural issues: Tatiana Kostova
Cultural frameworks and methods: Kendall J. Roth
Currency crises: Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Customer relationship management: Satish Jayachandran
Decision making: Scott Vandervelde
Derivative securities: Hong Yan
Developing countries: Hildy Teegen
Earnings management: Marcus L. Caylor
Eastern Europe: Tatiana Kostova
Econometrics: McKinley Blackburn, Paulo Guimaraes
Economic demography: McKinley Blackburn
Economic development: Douglas P. Woodward, Paulo Guimaraes
Economic growth worldwide: Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Economic modeling: Randolph C. Martin
Economic policy: James P. Bradley Jr.
Economics (regional and urban): Randolph C. Martin
Emerging Markets: Gerald McDermott
Employee benefits: Helen Doerpinghaus
Employee relations: Brian S. Klaas
Environmental economics: Jason Murray
Entrepreneurship: Richard B. Robinson Jr.
Europe (Central and Eastern): Tatiana Kostova, Gerald McDermott
Exchange rates: Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Export markets (foreign): Randy Folks Jr.
Financial accounting and reporting: Marcus L. Caylor, Timothy S. Doupnik, Scott Jackson
Fixed-income securities: Timothy W. Koch, Steven Mann
Forecasting: Paulo Guimaraes
Foreign investment: Douglas P. Woodward
Foreign exchange: William "Randy" Folks Jr.
Foreign-market entry: Martin S. Roth
Foundations of capitalism: Gerald McDermott
Global strategic management: Kendall J. Roth, David M. Schweiger, Gerald McDermott
Global strategy: Martin S. Roth
Globalization: Andrew Spicer, Gerald McDermott
Government finance: James P. Bradley Jr.
Government-NGO nonprofit interaction: Hildy Teegen
Healthcare: Helen Doerpinghaus
Helping behavior: Bruce M. Meglino
Human resources: Robert E. Ployhart
Human-resources compensation: Brian S. Klaas
Human-resources outsourcing: Brian S. Klaas
Industrial economics: Paulo Guimaraes
Industrial restructuring and international competitiveness: Gerald McDermott
Individual tax policy: Richard White
Industry location: Douglas P. Woodward
Industrial psychology: Robert E. Ployhart
Innovation and clusters: Gerald McDermott
Institutional change: Gerald McDermott
Insurance: Gregory R. Niehaus
Intercultural interactions: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
International business ethics: Andrew Spicer
International finance: William "Randy" Folks Jr., Chuck C.Y. Kwok
International management: Tatiana Kostova
International marketing: Martin S. Roth
International taxation: Robert J. Rolfe
International-business theory: Kendall J. Roth
Interpersonal dynamics: Audrey Korsgaard
Investment management: Hong Yan
Investments: Steven V. Mann
Judgment: Scott Vandervelde
Knowledge and technology: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Knowledge management of multinational corporations: Tatiana Kostova
Labor economics: McKinley Blackburn
Latin America: Gerald McDermott
Latin American/Caribbean business: Hildy Teegen
Management (global strategic): Kendall J. Roth
Management (international): Tatiana Kostova
Management of multinational corporations: Tatiana Kostova
Managerial accounting: Scott Jackson
Manufacturing: Manoj K. Malhotra
Marketing metrics (measures): Thomas J. Madden
Marketing research: William O. Bearden, Thomas J. Madden, Randall L. Rose
Marketing strategy: Satish Jayachandran
Mergers and acquisitions: David M. Schweiger
Money and capital markets: Timothy W. Koch
Multinational enterprises: Hildy Teegen
Natural resources (economics of): Jason Murray
Negotiation: Hildy Teegen
Operations: Manoj K. Malhotra
Organizational behavior: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Organizational consulting and development: David M. Schweiger
Organizational psychology: Robert E. Ployhart
Partnership tax policy: Richard White
Performance appraisal: Audrey Korsgaard
Personnel selection: Robert E. Ployhart
Personal values in the workplace: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Persuasion: Randall L. Rose
Purchasing and logistics: Manoj K. Malhotra
Pricing: James P. Bradley Jr.
Psychology (industrial/organizational): Robert E. Ployhart
Rationality: Bruce M. Meglino
Recruiting: Robert E. Ployhart
Regional economics: Paulo Guimaraes
Resource development methods: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Risk management: Gregory R. Niehaus
Russia: Tatiana Kostova, Andrew Spicer
Small-group dynamics: Audrey Korsgaard
Social marketing: Randall L. Rose
Social responsibility: Andrew Spicer
Staffing: Robert E. Ployhart
Statistics: Robert E. Ployhart
Subsidiary-headquarters relationships: Tatiana Kostova
Supply-chain management: Manoj K. Malhotra
Tax policy: Caroline D. Strobel
Tax policy (individual, partnership & corporate): Richard White
Taxes: Caroline D. Strobel
Taxation: Richard White
Taxation (international): Robert J. Rolfe
Teaching: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Teams: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Trademark infringement: William O. Bearden
Values: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Work values: Bruce M. Meglino
Workplace fairness: Audrey Korsgaard
Workplace issues (family friendly environment): Helen Doerpinghaus
Women in business: Helen Doerpinghaus



Timothy S. Doupnik: financial accounting
Scott Jackson: financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing
Caroline D. Strobel: taxes, tax policy
Richard White: taxation, tax policy (individual, partnership and corporate)
Scott Vandervelde: judgment, decision making, auditing.


McKinley Blackburn: labor economics, economic demography, econometrics
James P. Bradley Jr.: economic policy/pricing, government finance, budget deficit
Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer: exchange rates, currency crises, banking crises, economic growth worldwide
Marcus L. Caylor: corporate governance, financial accounting and reporting, analyst forecasts, earnings management
Paulo Guimaraes: regional economics, industrial economics, economic development, applied econometrics, forecasting
Randolph C. Martin: regional and urban economics, economic modeling
Jason Murray: natural resources, environmental economics
Douglas P. Woodward: economic development, foreign investment, industry location.


Helen I. Doerpinghaus: employee benefits, healthcare, women in business, family-friendly workplace
Timothy Koch: banking, money and capital markets, fixed-income securities
Chuck C.Y. Kwok: China business issues, international finance
Steven Mann: investments, fixed-income securities
Gregory R. Niehaus: risk management, insurance, corporate finance
Eric A. Powers: corporate finance, bond valuation, corporate debt policy
Hong Yan: asset pricing, investment management, derivative securities, capital markets


Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra: competitiveness, resource development methods, knowledge and technology
William "Randy" Folks Jr.: international finance, foreign exchange
Tatiana Kostova: international management, management of multinational corporations, cross-cultural issues, knowledge management of multinational corporations, subsidiary-headquarters relationships
Gerald McDermott: emerging markets, east-central Europe, foundations of capitalism, global strategic management, globalization, industrial restructuring and international competitiveness, innovation and clusters, institutional change, Latin America
Robert J. Rolfe: international taxation, business conditions in Africa
Kendall J. Roth: global strategic management, international-business theory, cultural frameworks and methods
Martin S. Roth: foreign-market entry, global strategy, international marketing
Andrew Spicer: globalization, international business ethics, social responsibility, Russia
Hildy Teegen: multinational enterprises, government-NGO nonprofit interaction, developing countries, Latin American/Caribbean business, negotiation.


Brian Klaas: human resources, human-resources compensation, employee relations, human-resources outsourcing
Audrey Korsgaard: small group and interpersonal dynamics, performance appraisal, workplace fairness
Bruce M. Meglino: work values, helping behavior, rationality
Robert E. Ployhart: staffing, personnel selection, recruiting, human resources, statistics
Elizabeth C. Ravlin: cross-cultural interpersonal behavior, teams, values, teaching, cross-border teams, organizational behavior, intercultural interactions, personal values in the workplace
Richard B. Robinson Jr.: entrepreneurship
David M. Schweiger: mergers and acquisitions, global strategic management, organizational consulting and development


Manoj K. Malhotra: manufacturing, operations, purchasing and logistics, supply-chain management.


William O. Bearden: marketing research, trademark/copyright infringement, consumer research
David K. Crockett: sociological aspects of consumer behavior
Satish Jayachandran: advertising, brand strategy, customer relationship management, marketing strategy
Thomas J. Madden: branding equity, marketing metrics (measures), marketing research
Alokparna "Sonia" Monga: consumer behavior
Randall L. Rose: persuasion, marketing research, social marketing, social and cultural aspects of consumption