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Endowed Chairs & Professorships

Allen Berger
Finance Department
H. Montague Osteen, Jr. Professor of Banking and Finance
McKinley L. Blackburn
Economics Department
James A. Morris Professor of Economics
Jean Helwege
Finance Department
J. Henry Fellers Professorship of Business Administration
Tatiana Kostova
International Business Department
Buck Mickel Chair and Professor of International Business
Marlys Gascho Lipe
School of Accounting
Friends of Accounting-Donald H. Cramer Professorship in Accounting
Manoj Malhotra
Management Science Department
Jeff Bates Professor in Business Administration and Director of the Center for GSCPM
Robert Ployhart
Management Department
Bank of America Professorship of Business Administration
Kendall Roth
International Business Department
J. Willis Cantey Chair of International Business and Economics
Patrick Wright
Management Department
Thomas C. Vandiver Bicentennial Chair