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Transform Collaboration with Moore School Telepresence

What is Telepresence?

Telepresence is a high-definition, state of the art videoconferencing technology that offers immediate, face-to-face interactivity among participants, regardless of where they are located. With telepresence, you can interact with all participants in every location. Cameras track speakers and focus in on the person speaking. With eye-to-eye contact, you will forget that you are not in the same room. Conversations are only one step away from being in-person. People relate and speak directly to each other, in real time, from any location, all in high-definition.

This technology creates an unparalleled interactive environment in which all participants feel they are in the same room together, whether they are in Charleston, Greenville, Columbia or other Moore School telepresence locations—or at telepresence-equipped facilities anywhere the world.

Experience the Power of Telepresence

Telepresence for:

  • Board meetings
  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Recruitment interviews
  • News conferences and other media events
  • Educational programs
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

You will save:

  • The expense of airfare, hotels and taxis
  • The loss of productive work hours when people are traveling
  • Time spent away from work overnight
  • Time away from your family

Moore School Telepresence technology is now available to businesses and other organizations.

To learn how face-to-face collaboration with telepresence will help you increase your productivity and reduce expenses, to schedule a demonstration, or to reserve time and space for your telepresence event, contact:

Moore School Telepresence Hotline: